Thermocouple Contacts

When it comes to thermocouples, we are the “Go To Company”.contacts_thermocouple_connector_contacts

  • Type J Thermocouples Iron (JP) & Constantan (JN)
  • Type K Thermocouples Chromel (KP) & Alumel (KN)
  • Type N Thermocouples Nicrosil (NP) & Nisil (NN)
  • Type T Thermocouples Copper (TP) & Constantan  (TN)
  • Type E Thermocouples Chromel (EP) & Constantan  (EN)

Thermocouple materials always in stock.

CCI has worked hard to become a leader in the manufacturing of thermocouples and hermetic contacts. We have accomplished this by offering our customers the best combination possible of pricing, delivery and quality.